Resident Coordinator

“Sharon Beam”

Can Help

To inquire about residency, intake procedures or any specific question about becoming a resident. 

Please contact Sharon Beam, The VFW Veterans Village Resident Coordinator at:

Phone: 352-236-0823 Ext. 221



LTC Alcides “AL” Lugo, Jr USA (R)

Makes it Happen!

To inquire about donations, speaking engagements, traveling to promote or set-up an information table about the VFW Veterans Village at a location of your choosing, or anything not covered. 

Please contact the VFW Veterans Village Director LTC Alcides “AL” Lugo, Jr USA (R) at: 

Phone: 352-236-0823 Ext. 222


Assistant Director

Pam Lotman

Can get it done!

To inquire about events, planning an event, calendar, renting the outside pavilion, or questions about the day to day operations of the VFW Veterans Village. 

Please contact Pam Lotman, The VFW Veterans Village Assistant Director at:

Phone: 352-236-0823 Ext. 406

  To contact The VFW Veterans Village Board of Directors, or a specific Board Member please write to: VFW Veterans Village, Attention: Board President or Board Members Name, 13005 NE 135th Street, Fort McCoy, Florida 32134

Visit us!
13005 N.E. 135th St.
Fort McCoy, FL 32134


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